Devin Jones is the new 18th Ward Republican Committeeman. A resident of the Ashburn community since he was a child, he is working to build a conservative renaissance across Chicago’s southside. Devin is a former youth minister, Catholic school teacher, and a United States Navy veteran. He was the first of five US Navy sailors to receive federal law enforcement credentials as a Mater-at-Arms, the law enforcement rate/MOS for the US Navy. Devin is also a non-profit leader, prior to Naval service he founded and operated an organization that assisted Catholic churches with evangelization and the money raised was used to send over 100 inner city youth to Catholic schools. He has been a pro-life and school choice advocate, organizing hundreds of Chicago residents to lobby in Springfield and DC against abortion as well as for school choice. In addition to being the 18th Ward Republican Committeeman, Devin is currently organizing a new initiative called the Southside Republicans.